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Garbage Spaceship

There's a lot of debris, floatin' in inner space
10,000 pieces, and many more
It's a big problem, just to let you know,
It's an orbiting, junkyard galore

What can we do to clean it up?
That problem literally is sky high,
Cost is beyond what we can afford,
But it will get worse. That is no lie.

It can cause trouble with our satellites,
Damage space shuttles when they get hit,
We need to get together, come up with a plan
Scoop up all the junk, or we'll be in deep poop.

Let's build a garbage, spacecraft today,
We'll staff it up with men, launch it in the air,
We'll have the bright sun powering the ship,
We will get all the space junk outta there.

We will get what NASA left behind,
Vacuum all the particles, most decades old,
We could even find, all the missing socks,
Even booster rockets, as I've been told.

There could even be, dead astronauts,
Still floating inside their suits in space.
Recover the bodies, bury them on Earth,
Give 'em proper burials, put them back in place.

We might even find, leftover meat,
Will it still be good? I don't wanna try.
Old William Shatner, records could be there,
Could be a lot of treasures in the sky.

Let's all become, space janitors,
Get into the air, pick up all the trash,
Someone's got to do it, time is running out,
Only problem is, we are short on cash.

Let's drive a garbage, spaceship up there,
Let's get inner space all clean again,
When we get together, we can do the job,
All we really need, is a few good men.

We will pick up what, they all left behind,
We are going to get, almost every bit,
But there's one thing we're, not gonna do,
Is to scoop up old, astronaut, shaving cream!

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