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H and R Puff 'n Stuff

Hey, mon. Do you need a tax agent that can help you get the deductions you're entitled to?

Do you use medical marijuana?

If so, then you're entitled to a special tax credit for spending your hard earned income on prescription pot.

Don't go to Jackson Screwit.

Don't go to Tax Bastards.

Come, right here, to H & R Puff 'n Stuff.

We got ways to get Uncle Sam to reimburse you for all the money you spent on all of those prescription doobies.

Let H & R Puff 'n Stuff show you.

It's easy to find one of our agents.

Just look around the back side of some of the small corner markets scattered around town.

And for a limited time, come for your special rates on joint returns!

H & R Puff 'n Stuff. We doob your taxes right!

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