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Achoo Sneezing Powder

Announcer: Are you tired of door-to-door salesmen?

Housewife: Yes?

Salesman: Good afternoon. I have some brushes that I wish to show you.

Housewife: Well, I have something to show you. Take this!

Sound effect

Salesman: Hey! You threw some...some... A Choo!

Housewife: That's right. Achoo! Brand sneezing powder.

Salesman sneezing

Announcer: Yes, Achoo also makes an excellent salesman deterrent to get them to stop bothering you with stupid sales pitches.

Announcer: Achoo! wakes up tired noses with monosodium gesundeheidt!

Announcer: Yes, Achoo is also great for playing practical jokes on family members who refuse to obey your orders.

Announcer: Eat some Achoo, and they'll be so busy sneezing that they won't bother leaving home.

Announcer: Achoo! Sneezing Powder! Now comes with a free hanky inside.

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