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Snobby Car Dealer

Voice of announcer using a snobbish high brow tone.

Hello. I'm Milton Wentworth the third.

I'm a rich one persent snob.

If you too are like me, you don't want to be caught driving an econobox.

Those cara are for low lifers.

You want a car that tells the world that you busted butt to get a masters degree, and poor people should get out of your way.

Introducing, the 2014 Washington Captain. A large magnificent luxurious automobile, with its mighty horse power, huge body, roomy interior, and all the extras.

It tells the world that you earned your privilege to own it, and the poor people didn't.

It has six tires, 12 cylinders, seating for seven, internet radio, a powerful refrigerator, heated and cooled seating, passenger video players, neon lighting, tinted windows, and a roomy trunk.

The peasants will settle for a small car with far less, such as three cylinders, seating for one, an AM radio, and no trunk. Why should you?

The 2014 Washington Captain.

You've earned your privilege to own it.

Own it for just $225,999.

Get it today at La Jolla Washington. The car dealer for snobs.

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