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Tricks Practical Joker Cereal

Older boy: Oh no, it's that stupid rabbit again!

Younger boy: Let's show him some cereal and teach us a lesson.

Rabbit: Oh boy! Trix!

Older boy: You want some cereal, stupid rabbit?

Rabbit: You mean, I can finally have Trix?

Younger boy: The president says Trix is for rabbits now.

Rabbit: Oh boy! Trix! In Raspberry Red. Lemon Yellow. Orange Orange. And...What's this other stuff?

Older boy: New treats.

Rabbit: Well, if it's a treat, then I'll eat it. (eats)

Rabbit: Owww! Ugh! Blecch! Barf! This Trix is for kids?

Older boy: Stupid rabbit. Trix is for kids.

Rabbit: I thought you said Trix is for rabbits!

Older boy: The Trix you just ate is for moron rabbits like you.

Younger boy: And the Trix you didn't eat is still for kids.

Rabbit: There are Two Trixes?

Older boy: You have just eaten...TRICKS! T-R-I-C-K-S, the practical joker cereal!

Rabbit: Yucch! You tricked me. What the hell is that?

Older boy: Look more closely, idiot hare. Nuts. Bolts. Screws. Nails. Lint. Shards. Hot sauce. Crushed bugs. And even, Danny's pants!

Rabbit (throwing up)

Older boy: That will teach you that Trix is still for kids and always will.

Younger boy: But T-R-I-C-K-S cereal is for annoying commercial mascots like you.

Rabbit (throwing up)

Dad: Boys, are you picking on that stupid Tricks Rabbit again?

Older boy: I cannot tell a lie, papa. Yes, we are.

Dad: Heh-heh. That's my boy who said that.

Announcer: There's a stupid practical joke...FREE!...inside specially-marked boxes of Tricks...T-R-I-C-K-S...practical joker cereal, new from Generally Corny, and for a limited time, we also throw in a Hot Foot in every box!

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