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Watch the Frog

Frog: Watch the Frog
Person: No

Frog: Watch the Frog
Person: No

Frog: I Said watch the frog.
Person: And I said no.

Frog: You're gonna watch the frog.
Person: Oh no I'm not!

Frog: Yes you are.
Person: No

Frog: Yes
Person: You wanna make me?

Frog: Make you what?
Person: Watch the frog.

Frog: That's what you're doing tonight.
Person: No.

Frog: Why not?
Person: The Frog sucks.

Frog: Why does the frog suck?
Person: Because

Frog: Because what?
Person: Just because.

Frog: Because you don't like TV?
Person: That's not the because.

Frog: What's the because?
Person: There's nothing on the Frog.

Frog: Yes there is.
Person: Name some shows.

Frog: 7th Heaven.
Person: Boring!

Frog: Gilmore Girls.
Person: Show is for chicks.

Frog: Smallville.
Person: Where are the midgets?

Frog: What Midgets?
Person: They're small people.

Frog: So?
Person: They should be in smallville.

Frog: It's about Superman.
Person: Then it should be called Strongville.

Frog: You're weird.
Person: What else is on?

Frog: Charmed.
Person: Yuch!

Frog: Alyssa Milano is hot.
Person: They're too scary to date.

Frog: What do you like?
Person: Hockey!

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: Lord of the Rings.

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: Football.

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: Harry Potter.

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: Where are the good shows?

Frog: On the frog.
Person: Where's Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Frog: Cancelled.
Person: Dawson's Creek?

Frog: Cancelled.
Person: Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Frog: Cancelled.
Person: Star Trek Enterprise?

Frog: No, that's on UPN.
Person: That's a good show.

Frog: So is Reba.
Person: I don't care for middle aged women shows.

Frog: Watch the Frog!
Person: Nothing's on the Frog you idiot!

Frog: Watch the Frog!
Person: I prefer cable.

Frog: What's on cable?
Person: South Park.

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: Sopranos.

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: What's Happening?

Frog: Not on the frog.
Person: Why can't you just go off the air?

Frog: Why?
Person: Nothing's on the Frog!

Frog: Yes there is.
Person: What do you like?

Frog: On the Frog?
Person: Yes.

Frog: Um.
Person: Draw a blank?

Frog: Yes.
Person: I told you so!

Frog: Nothing's on the Frog.
Person: Wanna watch some hockey on cable?

Frog: Yes.
Person: There's a good battle on now.

Frog: Don't watch the Frog. I quit.
Person: Now you're talking.

Frog: Me like hockey!
Person: Me like hockey!

Frog: Me like hockey!
Person: YEAH!

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