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David Tanny Explained

Lies About David Tanny Exposed and Corrected by The Modest Geezer, http://davidtannyexplained.tripod.com/

Used with permission for the website davidtanny.com.

Lies About David Tanny Exposed and Corrected

Author: The Modest Geezer

There have been a lot of half-truths and outright lies published about David Tanny on other sites that we don't need to link to. Let's clear up some of the confusion with some actual facts.

Myth from another site: "He isn't funny. His music sucks. That's a factual opinion."

Fact: there's no such thing as a factual opinion. There are opinions, such as some artist isn't funny and sucks, then there are facts, such as David Tanny is a recording artist on a part time basis. Yes, anyone can suck. There is nothing wrong with sucking, is there? They write their opinion as if he's not allowed to suck like anyone else can. Sucking is an opinion by someone else, not a fact.

Myth from another site: He has been literally ostracized from the dementia-comedy music community because he would put himself on the top ten best lists when he was an admin for their comedy radio shows...

Fact: The ostracism wasn't a result from Tanny's actions. The dementia-comedy music community very much ignored his novelty recordings and he was trying to prove to the other deejays that his recordings were in the same spirit of dementia as everyone else's recordings. To keep this unbiased, Tanny began producing his own show called The Dementia Top 20, and his fans put his songs on the weekly charts on their own, not by Tanny's self doing. To say that he put himself on the top ten best lists was only partially true. He compiled the votes from the fans who voted for songs by him and other artists, and ranked them. If the weekly results had Tanny in the weekly DT20 charts on a more or less regular basis, that's what you ended up with because he released recordings every few months for people to vote on and to rank. At the time, you could hear Tanny's recordings only on his own produced shows. He was simply proving a point that he can chart as well as the other novelty recording artists in the 2000s decade. He exposed the problems with Draconian-style gatekeeping and was keeping the so-called genre of dementia predictable and stale by adding his own fresh perspective on what funny can be.

Myth: "he was an admin for their comedy radio shows."

Fact: a 100 percent lie. Tanny was never an admin of other comedy radio shows other than his own. He never administered Dr. Demento or other shows. He administered only the Dementia Top 20 (from 2005-2007) if that's what someone else was referring to because it's his show.

Myth: ", and bashed Dr. Demento..."

Fact: That was true, but he and Dr. Demento later made up with Demento saying that the dementia community needs to get over the differences and get along with each other including Tanny. Demento has yet to play another Tanny recording since 2006. He's still unfairly ostracized for his remarks and people need to get over it.

Myth: "David heavily utilizes reference-style comedy as well."

Fact: He does, but so do many other novelty artists who often reference TV shows and movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other so-called geekcore themes, and with the exception of Trek and Wars, most of the geekcore themes do not appeal to a wide audience. Tanny references TV shows that were once a staple on broadcast television and turns them into novelty raps and other tunes. He's just referencing what he can relate to, which makes for a much more believable song than he could if he was forced to reference something that's foreign to him such as Firefly, which he admits he's never watched.

Myth: "Have we mentioned that David charges $20 to request songs on his crappy radio show? "

Fact: 100 percent false. Another lie posted on a website that specializes in gossip, exaggeration and half truths.

The More Complete Music and Comedy of David Tanny

Myth: "David Tanny is a prolific recording artist. His many songs include gems such as:", then goes on and lists what they think is a representation of his works.

Fact: David Tanny's catalog of funny recordings are bigger and better than what the author lists. He's only human. He's supposed to make bad recordings every now and then, just like everyone else. I'll avoid the really bad ones as there's just a few anyway. Here are some bettter examples of his diversity (source: David Tanny at davidtanny.com via e-mail contact):

All of the Editor's comments relate to Originals Album

See it at davidtanny.com

That's just the 11 Best Tracks from Originals in My Opinion

For more albums, it's davidtanny.com

More Lies Exposed and Corrected

Myth: "Tanny releases his music across numerous home-pressed CD's which he sells for between $10 (for 4 songs) - $20 (for a full CD). "

Fact: Tanny explained that the sentence is misworded and incomplete. He sold one CD with four songs for $10...because they were all LONG cuts about 5-8 minutes apiece, totalling about 25 minutes for all four cuts from his now-discontinued "Watch The Frog Collection" EP in 2008. Tanny can command any price he wants; if a CD is priced at $20, then so be it. However, Tanny wants to tell his readers not to go to Amazon because the website lists "Yes Parking Anytime" well over $8; you can get that title for that price at his davidtanny.com website.

Of course, Tanny created a crap load of websites. They're easily accessable from his home page at http://www.davesfunstuff.com/. He takes some low traffic or outdated sites down periodically to keep his site fresh.

Myth: "At one point he made the Demented Underground Music Project, A.K.A. the DUMP, to annoy the Funny Music Project (or The FuMP.) and further worsen his relationship with the Dementia crowd his music is supposed to appeal to. It's down now, though."

Fact: It's ironic that those who make jokes can't often take it when someone else makes them a target of their own jokes. I call it hyprocrisy. If you attack one, expect to be attacked back. It can happen to anyone. Tanny nails it with The Dump by not only doing a dead-on parody of The Fump, he also self-deprecates the quality of his own recordings (as many members of the dementia community did anyway, so why can't Tanny counter them), as well as referencing the style of Wacky Packages in paroding the well-known products with their self-deprecating satires and knockoffs of the superior products. The ruling from the editor: The Fump is a superior website, and somebody had to do a parody of them, and Tanny had the nats to do it by making fun of both The Fump and referring to Tanny's recordings as toxic waste with The Dump. Didn't many of them think of Tanny's recordings as toxic anyway? I don't know. It's the same thing with Kentucky Fried Chicken being parodied into the funny Kentucky Fried Fingers Wacky Package, which in my opinion is the funniest parody I have ever seen. If you're in the business of making jokes, you better not get upset when someone else makes fun of you. If all you want to do is to ostracize and try to get even with him, then you're in the wrong business. Tanny is a pure screwball, a demented genius (his own words and it may be true anyway), and a humorist who simply belongs with the other humor makers. Once again, the whole dementia community needs to make up with Tanny as he's ignoring many of the artists from the Fump on his self-produced and hosted "I Still Get Demented" audio shows.

re: The Drama: most of which were not even started by Tanny, but by other people who had a beef with what he does, that is, posting and doing mean things to Tanny, such as excessive trolling, sharing of non-CC recordings, and even selling Tanny's CDs that were given to them for free at an auction for a profit, much to Tanny's annoyance. As a result, Tanny has personally banned such people (he wouldn't tell me) from his show for selling what they didn't pay for monetary gain. I'm with Tanny on that. He has also banned such well-known trolls that were seen on another Tanny bashing website I won't link to or name from his show and blocked them from his Facebook page so they can't friend him. In short, Tanny didn't cause the drama; the others did.

Goodbye Dementia, Hello Funmentia

David Tanny has since started his own genre called "Funmentia" to distance himself from the genre of dementia and to mean the kinds of recordings that most people in the genre of dementia have cast off and ignored. It's strange that the genre of dementia is inhospitable to many forms of comedy by the playlists produced by some of the other funny music radio show hosts.

Tanny finds the kind of screwball and goofy recordings that they're not playing that is considered what used to be in the dementia world and plays them, even if the other hosts ignore them, proving a point that there are just some kind of funny that just cannot remain in obscurity besides Tanny's nummerous dozen works.

Besides that, he says that the word "dementia" should remain to mean mental illness issues and the genre of dementia music has come to mean that it's become "a cesspool of egotism, politics, and bulls**t comprised of people who are incapable of tolerating people perceived as mentally and lyrically inferior," of which Funmentia (meaning Fun Dementia) isn't. If you profess to be so smart and brag about being a college (not a community or trade) graduate, then you should be more acceptable to people you perceive as intelligently inferior or indigent or you will be branded a snob.

In Conclusion

Tanny is capable of writing fun dementia lyrics, but seriously, could use some help in producing and engineering. Tanny admits that he can't play a musical instrument as he is all thumbs and his timing is bad, but makes up for it by using a software program to overcome his handicap. Nothing wrong with it, mind you. If people really want his recordings to sound better, then they should just put their money where their mouth is, STFU, and pitch in to help Tanny out instead of bashing and osctrcizing him. Ostracizing him won't make the genre of dementia any good, in fact, the genre of dementia is darker, colder, and more boring without the bright, warm, and fun contributions of funny recordings by Tanny.

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